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Dynamic Menu Boards

Create eye-catching menu boards that will boost your sales and customer experience.

Increase Sales

Increase customer impulse purchases at the restaurant checkout or hotel services.

Updating Screens

Change your menu and offers within minutes at all your locations. Save a lot of time and printing costs.


Take advantage of waiting customers by showing them your products and services.


When customers are waiting in line , they get bored fast. So their first natural reaction is to look around. What a great way to engage with your customers by giving them all kinds of information! (Before they take out their phone of course). Customers can easily be influenced by delicious images and video's of food and drink products. Study show that you can influence you're customers mind by up to 75%. Just by showing a specific item with a corresponding sales. Most customers who are standing in line are still undecided about what to order. Even when your lovely employee ask them: "Hello, what can I help you with today?"

When your customer has already placed their order you can influence their behaviour by letting them know that they can come back next time because you always have amazing offers and fantastic products.!


Impulse purchases

Study's show that 20% of costumers claimed they made an unplanned purches.

Improve quality

68% of customer signage reflects the quality of business and its products

Grab attention

In restaurants, the number of unplanned purchases can jump to 80%

Store Digital Displays

Screens capture 400% more views than static displays or banners

Increase Sales

4 out of 5 brands noticed a 33% increase in sales after adopting digital signage

Advertising income

Adding a single on-premise sign adds an average of 4.75% in annual sales revenue

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