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Health Tips for members

Give valuable health tips. Show inspiring storys to stimulate members.

Digital menu boards

Promote your smoothies and snacks with beautiful digital menus.

Communicate members

Create a steady flow of notices, promotions and brand boosting content every time your members are in the gym.


Promote training sessions, yoga lessons our upcomming games.


Digital signage that you can't get away from! On the treadmill, on the bike or swimming in a pool.

You don't have to convince you members to sign up, because they are already there. Take the opportunity to get even more sales and happy members. Promote your smoothies at the bar, offer them a personal trainer, give them health tips and let them know when the new equipment will arrive.

Support your neighborhood and get your members involved with local games, competitions and other outdoor activities.


Promote products

Promote your items that will benefit your members that they are already a fan of.


Digital signage is 500% more effective than email marketing directly to you members.


Members will get bored on a treadmills and bikes and will stay focussed on your screens.


Show tips on how to do specific workouts to better help your members.


Member are 60% more motivated by reading about acompliments of others..

Introduce personal

Help members to get to know your staff and build better relationships.

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