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Before we started iScreens we have been working on a large project. For that we were using a digital signage software, along with other software. Unfortunately it had its limitations.

In 2019 we have started our company. We have been working with other software to start our business. Still we found it had it’s shortcomings. Not being able to give the support our customers deserve, it was time to for a change.

That was the reason for us to create our own software. We want to create a Digital Signage that works for its intended purpose. But that isn’t our goal. We aim to bring digital signage to the next level. Create solutions that will help companies evolve into the digital world. Create solutions that are easy and inexpensive to implement. To make sure the business owners feel they have control over their own company again.


We love what we do in this fast changing digital environment.

Our team of developers and marketing, all over the world, will keep on building for a better software and keep it up-to-date. One you will never find anywhere else. We still have a way to go, but we cannot wait to get there. And beyond!

Delivery upgrade
Ridelists on tablets
Upgrading Orderpicklists
phones with ristbands showing with order de worker needs orderpick the creates
Targets screens
Live targets on the floor to motived employees
and give them a guidline

Our History

Searching for a solution
Monday, december 9, 2013
Our first solution was powerpoint to solve problem for the high printing cost at regional mail distributor. But it required a lot of work updating all the data.
Searching for a solution
Introduction to digital signage
Monday, januari 14, 2014
We started using digital signage at a large regional mail distributor seven years ago. Digital signage was used to publish targets and quality check to increase the speed and quality of the sorting and distribution process.
Introduction to digital signage
Upgrading manifest
Thursday, March 09, 2017
Upgrading the load manifest from paper to a digital handheld device. All connected to the digital signage all across the company.
Upgrading manifest
Manager Control Screens
Monday, August 12, 2017
Coördinators use the control screens to monitor the progress on the daily process. Drivers are equipped with tablets with all the information needed for distribution.
Manager Control Screens
Delivery Upgrade
Monday, Febuari 19, 2018
Drivers are now equipped with a tablet with all the information needed for distribution.
Delivery Upgrade
Beginning iScreens
Thuseday, February 19, 2019
The birthday of iScreens
Beginning iScreens
First official client
Friday, 22 march, 2019
The first official client for iScreens A Flowershop!
First official client
New direction
Saturday, January 11, 2020
We decided to expand our product with an option that gives the client the option to create their own projects. New direction, new look, new future
New direction
Beta testing
Friday, 19 february, 2021
Beta testing has started. The release of the our product is shedueled in Q4 2021
Beta testing
To be continue…

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