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Display store opening hours, products, events and special discounts.

Advertise Special Offers

Grab customers attention. Every passing person is an opportunity for sales.

Customized QR Codes

Redirect your clients to your social media, website and product information.

Playlist products

Easily upload and stream product information, brand videos and more to cross-sell


About 20% of the people claimed they made an unplanned purchase after seeing an intention grabber on a digital signage screen. Customers need to be attentioned or enlightened to find products. In retail, you often find that customers search for something specific, but you could show them new trends, popular products, product videos etc. to encourage them to purchase more.

For example, a digital menu board or screen above a checkout offers the possibility to emphasize a certain product and it stimulates your sales. It can be used in any store. They can be placed in the right place where customers walk by, stroll along racks or where they have to wait.


Increase Sales

4 out of 5 brands noticed a 33% increase in sales after adopting digital signage


47% remember seeing a specific ad or message on a digital signage screen

Advertising income

Adding a single on-premise sign adds an average of 4.75% in annual sales revenue

Visual effects

Presentations that use visual aids are 43% more persuasive than those that don’t

Impulse purchase

Study's show that 20% of costumers claimed they made an unplanned purches.

Store Digital Displays

Screens capture 400% more views than static displays or banners.

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